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At EL-KENGSHA, we redefine property development in the name of innovation; we will make property development a way of living. We will not only master the science of the physical world, but the science of the mind and heart to create beautiful relaxing homes that majority can afford. Our job is to unlock answers that make a fundamental difference to people’s lives by giving them the opportunity to make their dreams of home ownership a reality.

Our products will be nothing short of excellent, elegant, high quality, breathe taking finishing accentuated by the most creative color combinations to date. We will use cutting edge technology to help lead society forward by ensuring the most cost effective developments whose benefits will be transferred to our customers. To achieve cost effective operations, we will conceive, design, engineer, and execute solutions that remove barriers to human potential, productivity and greatness of the mind.

In addition, we believe that growth comes from looking at opportunity through the eyes of customers and all those we serve. Taking an “outside-in” view ensures that our efforts are always relevant and that our unique talents are applied to “real world” opportunities. As such, we will go a step further and not only develop magnificent affordable properties but also partner with our associates to facilitate access to easy financing options to enable you, our clients, purchase these properties. Meaning, we will take you on a journey to home ownership by providing you with easy financing from our partners, which comes as an added benefit of choosing the EL-KENGSHA label to enhance your lifestyle and make you shine!

El-Kengsha Property developers in Kenya

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